Nature Trail

This Nature Trail is one of our most recent projects and it aims to:  be a guiding document for our group in terms of future activities and funding priorities; an engagement tool for anyone to use to explore and appreciate the natural amenities in the area; a way to promote biodiversity. It is a dynamic document that highlights existing natural features but also visionary aspects; as such, it will change as elements are implemented. We will look to it as a ‘vision’ rather than a ‘plan’ as it is meant to inspire and give ideas rather than be a list of definite things that will happen.

The trail is split into three sections: the Ashton Canal, the Rochdale Canal and the New Islington Marina. The Nature Trail document contains a map of the trail which identifies existing and visionary sites. There are corresponding tables with brief descriptions to give basic information pertaining to a site number and also thumbnail images to help orient you and help you know you’re in the right place. More detailed descriptions and larger images relating to each site number can easily be downloaded below.

So take your time, relax and have a nice meander exploring nature along the waterways in Ancoats. We know you’ll love them as much as we do! And if you have ideas for a particular site do let us know; it might become our next project!


A3 Nature Trail Pamphlet

(pdf – 2 pages / A3 / colour / 7.9mb)

Rochdale Canal

Site Details_Rochdale
(pdf – 2 pages / A4 / colour / 29kb)

Site Images_Rochdale
(pdf – 2 pages / A4 / colour / 4.5mb)

New Islington Marina

Site Details_Marina
(pdf – 1 page / A4 / colour / 27kb)

Site Images_Marina
(pdf – 2 pages / A4 / colour / 4.7mb)

Ashton Canal

Site Details_Ashton
(pdf – 3 pages / A4 / colour / 33kb)

Site Images_Ashton
(pdf – 2 pages / A4 / colour / 8mb)