March 2014 Ashton Canal Lock Gate Painting

In March we stripped back the rust etc and  painted some lock gates, picked up over 20 bags of litter, tidied up some bollards and path edging and had a great lunch… Thanks Vivid Lounge!


Oh and we also had the opportunity of watching a kangaroo being filmed along the canal in  Ancoats as part of an upcoming TV production… I kid you not!



397552_10151995436250811_2146697411_n 1012923_10151995436080811_89396948_n 1455065_10151995435690811_1281116748_n 1480706_650513304984497_591727330_n 1545004_10151995436205811_524739880_n 10155352_650513391651155_1524991039_n 10156116_650513348317826_719293742_n 10169384_10151995436310811_1751998076_n

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