2014 Ancoats Canal Festival

Weather may have started off a bit damp for an August summer day but everyone still had fun!

Huge thanks to the following:

  •  The The Circus House  put on circus activates.
  • The Water Adventure Centre supplied the canoes.
  • Thanks to City Church for the face painting
  • Tanks to Urban Splash for use of the marina and park.
  • Thanks to our local bobbies from GMP for their help.
  • Finally thanks to all of the people who attended and made it such a great day!

1270868_10152655570861639_6915671428478438965_o 10410947_10152655885601639_8158495591813102111_n 10494458_10152655570686639_7731208509825302045_o 10505366_10152655569581639_7268067368814504268_n 10548793_10152655174381639_4116278631283858187_o 10453101_10152655174936639_8405705726071954643_o

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