July 2014 Painting, Gardening and Duck House Event

We finished painting  the Union St Bridge tunnel, installed a new duck house (Thanks McCaul’s BuildingThe Point and We Are Indigo for helping with organisation and  sponsorship!), did loads of litter picking and gardening!

As always thanks Vivid Lounge for the lunch!

906319_10152622499171639_8873215393745752916_o 1888937_10152622484206639_3270503910519245841_o (1) 10448187_703589286343565_7471545168473159904_n 10482248_10152622495881639_2892945091720156369_o 10496102_10152622489456639_510849529099787977_o 10497320_10152622486506639_3927472908772518116_o 10531399_10152622492976639_6945854694741858545_o 10534768_10152622494586639_7122245827615343119_n 10559845_703589273010233_6687449206105745777_n 10561600_10152622492156639_8025709567984591853_n

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